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The title says it all really, but for those of you who require an introduction Jay Haze is the man behind the record labels Contexterrior and Tuning Spork as well as being responsible for innumerable house and techno flavored productions as a solo artist and one half of Fuckpony.

He is also one of the more philanthropic DJ’s out there – at a recent gig in his new home town of Lima, Peru he donated his DJ fee to buy local children toys. You can read more about that and more in this fascinating Resident Advisor Interview.

Love = Evolution is rumored to be Haze’s last artist album. It features a number of collaborations and as well as the expected soulful and techy house sounds, there are numerous diversions into dub and more laid back listening experiences.



01. Loveevolution
02. Tonight feat. Laila Tov
03. Soul In a Bottle feat. Big Bully
04. I Wait For You feat. Laila Tov
05. The Darkest Disco feat. Ricardo Villalobos
06. You Drive Me Mad feat. Sao Paulo Drum Circle
07. Feel the Electricity feat. Rockey
08. I Need a Lover feat. Chela Simone
09. I’m Riding High
10. The Light feat. Paul St. Hilaire
11. Time To Explode

Via Resident Advisor

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