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Editor’s Choice: April 6, 2013

Our regular hack to the best music the internet has knocked out, this is the stuff that’s been keeping the EBHQ entertained over the last seven days.

Editor’s Choice 19

What’s that? You want to know what’s been going in our ears this week, reverberating our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies and by extension our audio-addled souls? That’s a coincidence: here’s this week’s Editor’s Choice.

Interview: D’Eon

Some month ago Montreal artist d’Eon‘s new double album, simply titled LP, dropped on Hippos In Tanks. The ambitious release is described as ‘an oratorio in four movements – a humanistic mix of electronic pop with devotional subject matter”.   Electronic Beats: There seems to be a rising scene of avant-garde pop groups coming out of Montréal, … Continued

The Warm Pulse of Nguzunguzu

Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda form Nguzunguzu, the LA-based duo who’ve helped changed the way we look at dance music. They’ve returned to give us another beautifully produced EP, seasoned with distant drums, smoke alarms, police sirens, space-like choirs, snappy percussion and an obvious melodic allusion to the X-files theme. Undoubtedly, the five tracks on … Continued

Henning Lahmann recommends d’Eon’s LP

So, this is supposed to be d’Eon’s debut full-length? Palinopsia, the release with which the Montréal artist first surfaced roughly two years ago, featured nine tracks that had a lavish total running time of no less than 55 minutes. An EP? If so, an extended play indeed. And yet the joke’s on us. d’Eon’s new … Continued

Beyond Beats Vol. 4

2012 is still fairly young and strictly speaking, musically there hasn’t that much going on till now, the year is kicking off rather slowly this time. However, the coming months will bring a lot of exciting stuff and there already is enough mouth-watering material to sift through. First of all, allow me to make a … Continued

Ferraro = Bebetune$ = Bodyguard

Not too long ago we shared news with you that the crafter of what we call noiseless noise music, James Ferraro dropped a surprising hip hop-inspired mixtape under his new moniker of bebetune$. Now he’s ready to unveil his next mixtape Silica Gel under his third alias Bodyguard, and is already sharing some (downloadable) edits … Continued

White Car releasing debut LP

White Car, the Chicago duo of Elon Katz and Orion Martin, have finally announced a debut LP. We’ve been slavering for this ever since we heard their wonderful No Better EP last year. Reminiscent of classic acts like Shriekback as well as contemporaries Gatekeeper and TENSE, White Car combine the cold, bleak pulse of industrial … Continued

James Ferraro is B E B E T U N E $

While James Ferraro’s new album Far Side Virtual was an ode to living in the digital age where the “streets are as slick as i-Pads” his latest brainchild is called B E B E T U N E $. And as our pals over at Hippos In Tanks told us, very soon there will be … Continued

Beyond Beats Vol. 2

This past month, more or less everyone kept talking about Daniel Lopatin and his forthcoming Oneohtrix Point Never LP Replica on Mexican Summer’s sub-label Software, which is run by himself and Joel Ford. However, I’d rather point to Airbird here, which is the solo project of Ford, who of course is not only the second … Continued

Grimes’ Visions

Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, is going to release her third solo album called Visions in January. Arriving via Arbutus Records, Visions mirrors a more expansive, poppy palette of influences than the Canadian’s previous albums on Lo Recordings and Hippos In Tanks. You can download the track ‘Oblivion’ below – literally the best thing you are … Continued

Beyond Beats Vol.1

When starting to think about this new column about music that usually doesn’t have a place on Electronic Beats – however you might delineate that – I figured it might be best to start with a band whose chamber pop gorgeousness has haunted the blogosphere for a good while now: Long Island, New York’s amiable … Continued

RISING – Hippos In Tanks label

We decided to do something different this week and feature a label instead of an artist. Hippos In Tanks is a label based out of L.A. started by Barron Machat and Travis Woolsey. Artists such as White Car, Sun Arow, Gatekeeper and Hype Williams are all on their roster. H.I.T. describe themselves as – “a … Continued