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Gareth Owen on Actress – R.I.P.

I have always been drawn to the thugged-out fog of Darren Cunningham‘s music. Obtuse yet rounded, harsh but soft, his world of sound is part of a universe where nothing is quite as it seems. When I listen I find myself transported to the aether, where grain and grit clog my minds eye and time … Continued

Actress to play Tate Modern

Actress, one of the most exciting electronic producers around is about to perform a special afternoon set called ‘Infinite Kusama Silent Disco’ at London’s ever emerging Tate Modern. According to their website, on March, 24th Actress will be performing music to accompany the on-going Yayoi Kusuma exhibition alongside two other inspiring musicians: Lapalux, from Fly … Continued

Actress – R.I.P

R.I.P will be the name of Actress’s third album. Actress is the pseudonym of Darren Cunningham who’s skitzoid rhythms are dense with purple haze and paranoid ticks. His first album, Hazyville which was released on his Werk discs, hinted at some of the oddness to come but his record for Honest Jon’s – Splazsh was … Continued

DRC Music releases Oxfam benefit album

Damon Albarn has been travelling again. It’s not been the first time for the Blur- and Gorillaz main man to go to Africa – as a co-owner of record label Honest Jon’s he has dug through local archives and collaborated with native artists again and again. In July this year, Albarn made his way to the … Continued

Actress to release album on Warp?

Actress has been a busy bee recently. Not only has he finished an album for his own Werk Discs imprint, he has another coming on Honest Jon’s and according to a Twitter feed from earlier today, he has one in the bag for Warp too. The details currently amount to zero but according to Actress’ … Continued

Shangaan crew comes to Europe

You may remember last year some charming videos that were doing the rounds showing some particularly crazy South African dancers throwing down to music that sounded like it had been beamed straight from another planet. This mini-craze was sparked by the release of Shangaan Electro Volume One (read our review here) by Honest Jon’s and … Continued

Honest Jon’s to put out new Vladislav Delay project

  Once again the people at Honest Jon’s have struck gold, signing one of Finland’s most innovative electronic artists: Vladislav Delay. Delay, also known by the real name Sasu Ripatti, has put together a four-piece known as the Vladislav Delay Quartet which would see a self-titled album released in May. The Berlin based Mika Vainio, … Continued