New Dimlite on Stones Throw off-shoot

New Dimlite on Stones Throw off-shoot

Back in 2003 Dimlite released his debut EP with Sonar Kollektiv which for some reason went largely unnoticed. He then released some more magnificent records which, although pioneering in their sound, also managed to pass a lot of people by.

Fast forward a few years and the likes of Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder crew as well as Scotland’s LuckyMe or the Dutch Rushhour camp were championing a futuristic style of hip hop, that was glitchy, wobbly and sounded like it has been teleported from the future.

Widely acknowledged as one of the founders of this future hip-hop sound, Dimlite is about to release his latest record on Stones Throw Records off-shoot project; Now Again.

My Human Wears Acedia Shreds is a return to the fray, and unsurprisingly still one step ahead the pack. A beautifully melodic pop-take on the future beat sound that comes across like a meeting of minds between The Beach Boys and Bullion.

Here is a link to a podcast he did for Stones Throw (who featured in our Best of 2010 list which fully illustrates his diverse and progressive style.

My Human Wears Acedia Shreds is available now at the Stones Throw Webstore.

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