TODAY WE LIKE: Marlow’s CD box that folds out to a Reel to Reel

TODAY WE LIKE: Marlow's CD box that folds out to a Reel to Reel

Take a look at this – the latest release from German house and techno producer Marlow on Room With A View. Not content with the standard jewel case, slip wallet or deluxe tin that are the usual option for packaging a CD, Marlow has opted for a specially designed cardboard case that folds out into a reel to reel tape machine for his latest EP – Put Off.

Once created (glue and scissors required) the actual CD makes up the centre of the second reel, and looks to us to be life sized. Conceived in conjunction with graphic designer Snides, the ‘tape machines’ are all individually numbered and hand made in the same studio as the music was created.

Genius packaging and fantastic music to boot (take a listen here) – what is there not to like?


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