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The Drums’ 'Money' remixed by Basement Jaxx

Published on February 13, 2012 13:54 Berlin Time

The Drums’ 'Money' remixed by Basement Jaxx Some days ago the British dance music duo Basement Jaxx quietly released a remix of The Drums’ ‘Money’ on their Soundcloud page, and it’s just the kind of top-notch production that you’d expect from the duo. Have we ever mentioned how much we like remixes that play around with tempo? Well, we do, and this does so spectacularly by dropping into the well-known surfer-rock groove of The Drums’ original track before switching back up to a more club-friendly electro house tempo. On top of this, make sure you don’t miss The Drums new single, ‘Days’ expected to be released on February, 27th via MoshiMoshi.