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Listen To A Hypnotic Mix Of Techno, Acid And Electro By Dr. Rubinstein

dr rubinstein

The mix is the latest in Truants ongoing mix series.

Few things get us going like a techno set by Dr. Rubinstein (check out our feature with her, here). Yesterday, the good doctor released a new mix via Truancy, and it’s definitely something that you ought to throw on your headphones or home hi-fi as soon as possible.

The mix is a hectic tour through he particularly cosmic approach to techno, with an added dose of electro and acid for good measure. Listen to it below, and for more info, check out Truants blog for a fascinating new interview.

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Listen To Helena Hauff's Heavy New Electro EP, 'Living With Ants'

'Living With Ants' Is Hauff's first release since last year's album on Ninja Tune.

Helena Hauff is synonymous with electro’s latest resurgence in all its shapes and forms. The esteemed Hamburg-based DJ and producer is as versed in the Drexciyan heritage as in Bunker Records’ white-knuckle aggression or wave and acid-inspired electro variations.

Her new record, the first on her own label Return To Disorder, unites all these different tropes in true style. Titled Living With Ants, the EP features four cuts optimized for the dance floor.

You can listen to snippets of the record below.

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Watch Nina Kraviz's Polarizing Experimental Live Show From Coachella 2019

The set was an intimate collage of video art, psychedelic beats and her own vocals.

Anyone who expected a straight techno set from Nina Kraviz at this year’s Coachella was in for a surprise.

Instead of launching into her usual dark techno, electro and rave-infused DJ set, the acclaimed DJ and trip records label head unveiled a never-before-seen audio visual live set, which featured psychedelic dance cuts, uneasy ambient passages and, most notably, her own ethereal vocals.

It was one of the most polarizing acts of Kraviz’s career, but in our opinion, the risk definitely paid off.

Watch the set in full above.

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Watch Paul Kalkbrenner's Heartstopping Live Performance At Sonar Festival

90 minutes of melodic house and techno spiked with Kalkbrenner's own classics.

Just last week, Paul Kalkbrenner released his first single in 2019 to great acclaim. Thanks to France TV’s Culturebox service, you can watch Kalkbrenner’s complete live performance at this year’s Sonar festival in Barcelona, where he started his set with, you guessed it, his new single, “No Goodbye”.

In the following 90 minutes, the Berlin-based techno superstar delivered a stunning live set spiked with classic Kalkbrenner gems, veering between bittersweet melancholy and euphoria. The climax is an especially tear-jerking version of his biggest hit “Sky and Sand”. You can watch the whole set below.

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Hear What's Next For Peder Mannerfelt With This Mix Full Of Unreleased Techno Cuts

The Swedish producer's new mix for Noods Radio is full of "unmastered, unreleased and upcoming" tracks.

Peder Mannerfelt has released a new mix for Bristol’s Noods Radio that explores unreleased and upcoming work. The roughly hour-long mix offers a tour through his particularly experimental approach to techno.

Mannerfelt is one of the most interesting voices in contemporary techno. That’s been true since his early years when he produced Swedish experimental pop groups Fever Ray and Blonde Redhead. Last year’s Daily Routine was one of our favorite records of the year, and Perc’s remix of his track “Sissel & Bass is still lighting up forward-thinking clubs around the world.

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