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Dive Into The Wildly Creative World Of ’90s New York DJ Culture With This In-Depth New Yorker Article

90s DJ cuhilton als 90s dj culture nyc michel delsollture New York

Writer, professor and DJ Hilton Als depicts the world of nightclubbing, drag and vinylism 20 years ago.

Early New York City nightlife—especially at institutions like Danceteria, Studio 54, Paradise Garage and The Loft—is still a popular subject for historians and writers more than 20 years later. But while many of these modern accounts analyze its influence in retrospect, DJ, Columbia University professor and writer Hilton Als‘ breaks New York nightlife down based on his own experiences in the scene during its 1990s peak.

In this recently re-run 1996 article in The New Yorker, When The Music Is You, Als describes the cult of the DJ in the New York City club circuit and some of the women who were beginning to break the male-only mold. He also discusses the intellectualism deeply embedded in vinyl culture and the role that club music played in forming identity on the dance floor. “Standing bent over turntables, lifting and putting down the silver arms, the DJs we knew looked like archaeologists digging through popular music in search of themselves,” he writes. “These were the DJs we liked best—the ones who were producing their autobiographies through the music they played.”

Read the article in full on The New Yorker site here. And if you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into ’90s club music, check out this guide to the 15 essential Wild Pitch remixes from house music’s golden years.

Picture by Michel Delsol

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This Trippy Industrial Techno-Fueled Video Will Make You Wish You Were In Hong Kong

This Trippy Industrial Techno

Paula Temple, Hong Kong Express, Max Cooper and Dark0 are all featured.

Hong Kong has long been an inspiration for science fiction. Its chaotic, neon-lit claustrophobia has influenced such landmark works as Ghost In The Shell and Blade Runner. Though we have not reported much on what’s happening there lately, this video we found yesterday makes us wish we could be there right now.

Uploaded to Vimeo by a filmmaker named Jas Davis, it’s a psychedelic trip through the city that resembles a mash-up of Gasper Noe’s Enter The Void and that video of a girl vogueing in Kazakhstan we shared a few weeks ago. The hallucinogenic visuals are matched this time by a pummeling soundtrack that features Paula Temple‘s “Gegen”, an ode to the infamous sex party of the same name held at Berlin’s Kitkat Club.

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This New Song By Autechre Kind Of Sounds Like That Video Of A Guy Skating On Thin Ice

Watch This Weird 13-Hour Playlist Of Psychedelic YouTube Videos Uploaded By Autechre

"sinistrail sentinel" is the first new music from the group since their massive NTS Sessions.

Is there such a thing as too much Autechre? It’s debatable, but considering their fans jump at the opportunity to watch 13 hours of strange YouTube videos and download their old drum machine presets, we’re betting the answer is no.

Fear not, insatiable Autechre fiends. They just released a new track, which you can listen to via Adult Swim Singles above. Across its 11 minutes,”sinistrail sentinel” winds through twisted percussion and evolving melodies, giving us all a reminder who the real electronic masters are.

And if you’re curious about the aforementioned ice, check it out here.

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Discover Shameless/Limitless The DIY Berlin Party Providing An Alternative To Techno

shameless limitless kevin halpin

Now going strong for 10 years, the party’s Kevin Halpin tells the whole story

“If you’re a music fan based in Berlin, chances are high that you’ve been to a Shameless/Limitless gig.” Having that level of ubiquity and notoriety at the same time is something that most parties, even in the Hauptstadt, can only dream of. And this one’s done it for ten years.

Operated by Kevin Halpin, Shameless/Limitless has been host to a wide variety of meticulously crafted tastemaker lineups. We profiled it back in 2013, when we wrote about the five most exciting parties in Berlin that have nothing to do with house or techno, and now we’re happy to be celebrating its tenth anniversary as a forward-looking, independently-run event series. Thanks for rounding out our musical lives all these years.

To learn more about the legacy of this Berlin nightlife mainstay, read this new in-dpeth article over at LOLA here.

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This Video Of Skates On Thin Ice Sounds Kind Of Like A Lost Early-'00s Autechre Track

Scandinavian "wild ice skating" pulls strange, textural sounds out of barely-frozen lakes

At Telekom Electronic Beats, we try to keep you up to date on all of the cutting-edge sounds out there in the world. Most of the time, those come from human (or AI artists), like Clouds or HDMIRROR. Sometimes, however, natural sonic phenomena can be just as forward-thinking.

Case in point: Somewhere in Sweden, some truly “wild ice skaters” decided to skate on the thinnest ice they could possibly find. It may sound delusional and extremely dangerous, and it probably is, but the sounds that they make as they glide across ice that is in some cases two inches thick has an unmistakable resemblance to some of the tracks on Autechre’s experimental MaxMSP-derived Confield LP.

This is of course only the latest in a number of interesting natural sonic phenomena that we’ve catalogued: ice shelfs that sound like doom metal, soothing underwater volcanos and magnetic fields that could easily be played by Rhadoo or Ricardo Villalobos.

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