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Watch The Teaser For A Fascinating New Documentary About A Forgotten '70s Synthesizer


The exceptionally rare Resynator synth has been revived after lying in a dusty attic for 30 years.

Not only do synths bring gear nerds together from around the world, but they can also unite families across generations.

At least that’s the story of an exceptionally rare ’70s synthesizer, the Resynator. A new documentary—currently being crowd-funded via Kickstarter—seeks to uncover the remarkable story of this machine, and how, across almost four decades, the resurrection of its unique circuitry is bringing its inventor, Don Tavel, and his daughter together.

As the story goes, the Resynator had been lying dormant in Alison Tavel’s grandmother’s attic since the passing of her father, who died in a car crash in 1988, 10 weeks after Alison was born.

Tavel recovered the synth and brought it back to Los Angeles to work on restoring the synth with the man who had originally engineered in the ‘70s. The documentary details the four year process of reviving the synth, despite not having any knowledge of synthesizers at first. It also details encounters with the likes of Gotye and Peter Gabriel who help unpack the mysteries of this unique machine.

In Tavel’s words, “This project didn’t start out as a documentary. I was not a documentarian. It started out as a resurrection project. I was simply filming to document the process of rebuilding the Resynator. What I found, though, was that it was about so much more than just the Resynator. I found out that it was connecting me with my father, after 25 years of resistance.”

Watch a trailer for the documentary above. You can donate to the project via Kickstarter here.

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This Video Will Teach You How To Dance To Techno Like A Berghain Regular

This Video Will Teach You How To Dance To Techno Like A Berghain Regular

Go beyond "the side-to-side" with this remarkably accurate video.

Clubs are full of characters—from classic techno bots to acid bears and neo industrialists.This classification system doesn’t stop at appearance, though; your club identity also affects your moves on the dance floor.

In a this video, one highly-observant club goer, Mithara Bui, has broken down the intricacies of some of the moves you’re most likely to encounter at the club, and the result is hilariously accurate.

The moves, with names like the “Swimming”, “Pump A Bike” or “Boxing” routine, give a much-needed vocabulary to the various forms of thrashing that take place in the wee hours of the morning.

Not only is the video the perfect way to learn some a dance vocabulary, it’s also a chance to hear some of your favorite Berghain anthems, like Ben Klock’s “Subzero”.

What kind of dancer are you? Check out the video above to find out.

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Listen To A Mix Full Of Ravey Neo-Trance By Rising German DJ Perel

Listen To A Mix Full Of Ravey Neo-Trance By Rising German DJ Perel

The energetic mix also features some unreleased tracks from the DFA-affiliated DJ and producer.

German producer, DJ and singer Perel was responsible for one of 2018’s standout releases. Hermetica is a creative fusion of German new wave, synth pop and modern dance floor grooves—a testament to the confluence of influences that has marked Perel’s time producing in Berlin.

It’s a testament to the selector’s broad taste, then, that she can just as effortlessly put together a blistering one-hour mix of trance and rave tunes. On her effort for the long-running Melbourne Deepcast mix series, Perel mixes tripped-out melodies with unfolding grooves to masterful effect, patiently building tension and atmosphere across the 60 minutes.

Featuring two unreleased tracks from Perel, the mix also gives an exciting preview of what to expect from the rising talent in the coming year.

Listen to the mix above, and read the full interview with Perel here.


The Golden Filter – Haze Hour
Perel – Asteroid (unreleased)
Perel – Gravity (unreleased)
Future Beat Alliance – Machines Can Help
Low Manuel & Local Suicide – Vespertines Unite
Benjamin Fröhlich – Dream City (Axel Boman Remix)
Modular Project – Freshback
The Golden Filter – Restraint (Kluentah Remix)
Renato Cohen & Sledge – Proibidao – (Repetentes 2008 Remix)
Exzakt – Start The Party
Franky Wah – Get Me High
Marlon Hoffstadt – Lost In A Feed
Catz ’n Dogz – New Love (Gerd Janson Remix)

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Deconstruction: Skinnerbox Analyze Krystal Klear's Neutron Dance

Skinnerbox, EB.TV Videostill

This video will teach you how to make Krystal Klear's Italo-influenced 2018 club anthem.

Why do certain tracks make us move? Why is it that, from a seemingly bottomless pool of music using similar instruments and methods, do certain tracks stick with us more than others?

In a new series called “Deconstruction”, we try to answer these mysteries. The premise is simple: we ask electronic music producers to break down what makes certain club tracks so special.

The first episode features live electronics masters—and occasional TEB contributors, as can be seen below—Skinnerbox. We’ve given them the task of deconstructing Krystal Klear’s Italo disco banger “Neutron Dance”. The track, which we ought to note is not related to the Pointer Sisters song of the same name, was everywhere last year. We heard it in spaces as diametrically opposed as Amnesia Ibiza and Panorama Bar. In fact, it even made it to our list of 20 tracks that defined the Berlin club scene in 2018.

Check out the first episode of our Deconstruction series above. If you like it, leave us a comment on our Facebook or YouTube pages. And, if you want to watch more episodes like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We add new videos every Tuesday.

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This Massive Website Lets You Hear Just About Every Super Nintendo Soundtrack Ever Made

Nintendo Super Famicom Set

SNESmusic.org is the world's most complete archive of Super Nintendo game music.

The Super Nintendo isn’t just one of the most popular video game consoles ever made, it’s also a near infinite resource of incredible music.

Now, you have a chance to experience over 2600 of those games’ soundtracks online thanks to SNES Music. It’s an archive website that works as a one-stop portal for developers, musicians and casual fans alike.

You can also download pretty much everything, meaning you can start collecting all your favourite sounds from back in the day, like the Earthbound soundtrack below. Head here to explore the whole list. And for more superb soundtracks, check out this article about Sony Playstation soundtracks.

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