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This AirBnB Workshop Will Teach You How To Make Your Own DIY Berlin Techno Club Clothes


DIY is always better.

Fashion companies have finally started to cater for the many sides of club style in recent years—from rave-inspired high fashion to gritty hard techno attire.

But if you’re more DIY-oriented—or, a little too short on cash to go high-end shopping—there’s another way to looking your best for those long nights and days on the dance floor.

At least that’s the idea behind the “Sew Your Own Bergh*** Clubbing Outfit” workshop that Airbnb is hosting on their website. The four-hour workshop plans to get you club ready by teaching you to make your very garments. So whether you prefer early ’00s rave color or all black sleek, you’ll walk away with some certified club wear that’ll get you past those notorious Berlin bouncers.

And don’t worry: the workshop comes with leather provided.

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Listen To This Playlist Of Rare Ambient And New Age From Jen Monroe's Getting Warmer NTS Show

Listen To This Playlist Of Rare Ambient And New Age From Jen Monroe

All of the singular show's obscurities in one place.

Getting Warmer on NTS has quickly become one of our favorite radio shows.

Now, you can discover hundreds of the songs previously featured on the show that make it so special. Hosted by Brooklyn-based Jen Monroe, Getting Warmer digs into the sprawling vaults of obscure New Age records, with a particular focus on Japanese music. The show is an extension of her wonderful blog Listen To This—an essential repository of dreamy music across eras and continents.

Thanks to a new playlist by user gh_cl, many of the highlights from Monroe’s blog and show are available on Spotify for all of our listening pleasure. The playlist boasts over 300 tracks of New Age drones, ambient, oddball pop and everything in between.

And while the list features Harold Budd, Brian Eno and Francis Bebey, it’s who you don’t know that makes it so special.

Dive in above.

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Nathan Micay's Spaced-Out New Single Will Make You Want To Listen To Trance

Nathan Micay - Blue Spring, Album Cover Artwork

'Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain' is out via LuckyMe on May 3.

Rave your way into summer thanks to this slice of trance-indebted dance music by Nathan Micay (FKA Bwana)

“Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain” is the third track off Blue Spring, the producer’s forthcoming debut album. It follows on from previous single, “The Party We Could Have”, a heady mix of neo-trance and hypnotic techno that already established the album as one of the summer’s most anticipated records.

The new single continues Micay’s fascination with trance tropes and compositional form. Buzzing synth stabs and a crystalline arpeggio help build tension while snippets of breakbeats cut through the mix. The build culminates in an ecstatic lead synth line that is guaranteed to be at the heart of many a DJ’s sets this festival calendar.

The accompanying video for “Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain” is pretty awesome too. It channels Micay’s well-known obsession with Japanese manga and anime. A few years ago, when he released his Akira-inspired Capsule’s Pride LP, we tapped him to create a guide to some of his favorite anime soundtracks.

Blue Spring will be released on May 3. It will also feature its own original illustrated manga story. You can pre-order it now via the LuckyMe website.

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The Video For Flying Lotus' Latest Single Is So Trippy That It Features David Lynch

flying lotus

"Fire Is Coming feat. David Lynch" is the first single off 'Flamagra' the producer's sixth full-length LP.

Flying Lotus‘ new album is officially going to be extra weird.

Flamagra is Steven Ellison‘s sixth full-length, and the latest single, “Fire Is Coming” sees the LA beatsmith teaming up with David Lynch. If that’s not enough, the acclaimed director of films like Mulholland Drive and cult TV series Twin Peaks also stars in it’s video clip, dressed in some sort of wolf costume.

Unsuprisingly, “Fire Is Coming” is a disorientating and haunting listen. Flying Lotus’ dead-pan spoken word floats over a bed of sombre atmospheres, his lyrics summoning cinematic sound effects that twist into broken melodies over a medley of of tripped-out beats.

Flamagra is set to drop via Warp on May 24 and features a string of collaborations from the likes of Solange, funk godfather George Clinton, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat and more. It can be pre-ordered here. Check out Flying Lotus’ remix of Twin Peaks‘ iconic opening theme song here.


01. Heroes
02. Post Requisite
03. Heroes In A Half Shell
04. More’ feat. Anderson Paak
05. Capillaries
06. Burning Down The House feat. George Clinton
07. Spontaneous feat. Little Dragon
08. Takashi
09. Pilgrim Side Eye
10. All Spies
11. Yellow Belly feat. Tierra Whack
12. Black Balloons Reprise feat. Denzel Curry
13. Fire Is Coming feat. David Lynch
14. Inside Your Home
15. Actually Virtual feat. Shabazz Palaces
16. Andromeda
17. Remind U
18. Say Something
19. Debbie Is Depressed
20. Find Your Own Way Home
21. The Climb feat. Thundercat
22. Pygmy
23. 9 Carrots feat. Toro Y Moi
24. FF4
25. Land Of Honey feat. Solange
26. Thank U Malcolm
27. Hot Oct.

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If You Like Vintage Synths, You Need To Check Out This Retro Synth Podcast

Moog One Polysynth

The "Beyond Synth" podcast talks with artists and producers in the retro synth scene and the music, movies and videos that they make.

With most of contemporary electronic music focused on creating the radically new, you’d be forgiven for sometimes feeling nostalgic for the days of old.

You know, the days of cheesy action movie soundtracks and catchy video game sounds; of big vintage synths and their cosmic-inflected sequences.

That’s where the Beyond Synth podcast might come in handy.

Hosted by Andy Last, “Beyond Synth” is a podcast solely dedicated to the nostalgic, neon-hued days of old and the new music based on them. Already up to its seventh season and with over 150 episodes, there’s plenty of artists and producers to discover as they talk broadly about music, movies, video games and retro culture.

Synth pop, vaporwave and cosmic disco fans, prepare to listen up. Find all the episodes over at the Beyond Synth website.

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