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This 2-Hour Video Of The Playstation 2 Opening Sounds Like A Long-Lost Brian Eno LP


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Who knew that Playstation was home to some of the best noise and drones?

Some of the most ingenious musical compositions are the ones that are subliminally impressed on the brain. Who could forget, for example, that Brian Eno Microsoft start-up sound? Or, for that matter, his Nokia 8800 ringtones?

For gamers, the Playstation 2 system launch and menu sounds should hold this revered status. And after blissing out to its two-hour version of the oceanic rumbles, wind-swept vistas and micro drones, it’s hard to disagree. Of course, there are some brilliant soundtracks on the console, but the opening sounds hold their own as well if you’re looking for some spaced out ambience. This might just the thing to take the edge off after your weekend. Listen to it in full above.

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