Best 909 Day Ever? This Video From Knobcon Reveals Behringer's New TR-909 Clone

Best 909 Day Ever? This Video From Knobcon Reveals Behringer’s New TR-909 Clone


We should have seen it coming. Yesterday, to celebrate 909 day, Behringer announced the existence of (what we hope will be) an affordable new TR-909 clone, the RD-909. The initial announcement was made on the company’s Facebook page with a picture of a prototype of the device. Later, videos surfaced from a booth at Knobcon in Chicago.

Similar to the company’s other recent hardware clones, which include a Minimoog and a TR-808, this one looks very similar to the real thing. The only thing is that the box on display is just a 3D-modeled prototype. We can only hope that the fully functional version sounds and feels like the real thing too—which, we think is pretty likely considering how spot-on the company’s TR-808 clone sounds in the video below.

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