This Pumping Hi-NRG Eurobeat Mix Will Take You Inside Japan’s ’90s Video Arcade Culture

beatmania iidx

The mix is Vol. 4 of 散 (San), a monthly radio show in Berlin.

Japanese arcades are pretty impressive, and compared to their western contemporaries, they offer an immense selection of music and rhythm-based games.

While you may be familiar with more casual-friendly options like Dance Dance Revolution, the real veterans of these arcades are honing their skills at more intense games, like the incredibly intimidating Beatmania IIDX, which you can watch a video of below.

The practice required to master games like Beatmania led to the creation of hyper-specific and obsessive subcultures in the ’90s and ’00s. The mix above, Sketch Of Amusement Arcade Kanagawa 199X – 200X by ANONYMITYXXXRITUAL, is a nostalgic collection of music featured in the rhythm games of the time—including Hi-NRG, twitchy breaks and insanely over-the-top rave and trance tunes. Its a breakneck sensory overload of a mix that we just can’t help but love every minute of.