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Airbnb’s New Service Will Get You Into Berlin’s Techno Clubs

Airbnb wants to help you party like a real Berliner. (God help you.)

Everybody knows that Berlin’s coolest clubs have some of the most exclusive door policies in the world. While it may sometimes seem unfair, face control is in place to ensure that the freaks have a safe place to practice risky behavior. At many clubs, this means keeping tourists and casuals out of their hallowed halls. So what’s a fun-loving tourist to do? Airbnb just might have a solution.

The controversial tech company will soon roll out its Airbnb “experiences” service in Berlin. This allows hosts to offer additional perks besides lodging, such as “going out for drinks” or, more likely, guestlist-enabled personal tours of the city’s most exclusive techno clubs for those who can pay for it. It’s a bold new future we’re living in, and it sure feels great! Learn more here.

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