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This Amazing Video From The '80s Will Teach You All About Synths

They sure don’t make synth videos like they used to.

In the ’80s, back when electronic music was almost taboo, and even the sight of a synth on stage could be considered avant-garde, people really struggled to get their head around what a synthesizer was, let alone why you would ever use one.

One amazing bi-product of this era’s perplexity, however, was the amazing range of synth documentaries and instructional videos. Looking back on these films from the vantage point of today’s electronically overcharged music environment, these videos are hilarious and strangely beautiful in equal measure. Because the videos needed to explain the absolute basics of a synthesizer, they still remain great resources for aspiring musicians wanting patient and clear explanations on the basics of synthesis and electronic sound.

Case in point is the below video, which explains the principles of MIDI, sequencing and sound waves. It even features a cameo from the one and only Herbie Hancock. While the synth course will definitely be useful, you might want to steer clear from their fashion cues.


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