Answer Code Request Selects Five Of His DJ weapons

Answer Code Request Selects Five Of His DJ weapons

The Berghain mainstay serves up a trippy selection of drum & bass, Detroit techno and Chicago acid house.

Answer Code Request is one of the most versatile DJs of the illustrious Berghain residents.

Raised on a healthy dose of both drum & bass and mutant Chicago house—and well-versed in the harder fringes of Detroit and Berlin techno—he is as equally adept at creating moody opening sets as slamming it out via his now-legendary marathon closing sets.

Answer Code Request was the natural choice for the next expisode of our ongoing B-sides series, where we ask artists to choose their favorite vinyl deep cuts. Opting for an old-school flavor, he picks classic DJ Bone hypnotic techno, hard-edged acid from DJ Sneak and fluid drum & bass grooves.

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