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An Artificial Intelligence Is Generating Realistic Hard Wax Write-Ups For Fake Releases


Who wouldn't want to listen to some "deep retro-futuristic Dubstep"?

Artificial intelligence’s fascination with infamous Berlin record store Hard Wax continues.

It all began when AI compiled a list of the 718 most popular words used by the store for its terse and often laconic record reviews. Then, just last week, AI generated 231 fake producer and record names by analyzing all the releases currently in the Hard Wax webshop.

Now, AI has gone one step further and produced fake write-ups for releases. It’s another experiment conducted by Olle Holmberg, who we spoke to last week about the ongoing project.

As to be expected, the results are often hilarious and—by the 31st step of the AI’s learning curve—also remarkably accurate. Suddenly, actual artist monikers begin to pop up with proper descriptions like “Diverse, expertly executed dubby Techno cuts.”

While some descriptions wouldn’t feel out of place on the real Hard Wax website, others are charmingly eerie—what would a “retro-futuristic dubstep” track be like?—and others seem to be describing electronic genre hybrids yet to exist in the real world. For example, we can’t wait to hear, “leg tear techno sephedelica” when it finally drops.

To see all the results, head to this page.