Watch A Teaser Video That Shows Off Behringer's Banging New TR-808 Clone

Watch A Teaser Video That Shows Off Behringer’s Banging New TR-808 Clone

From the looks of it, this is the TR-808 clone we’ve always wanted.

Happy 908—or if you’re in America, 809—day!

It seems TR-808 mania never really ends. Yesterday, we were fully expecting to wake up from our 808-themed beds to a full day of drum machine worship, maybe even having a nice pour of 808 whiskey before turning in for the night, but we weren’t expecting the excitement to spill over into today.

For 808 day, Behringer gave us a look at what their new 808 clone, the RD-808, can do. The “Rhythm Designer”, which we first saw at this year’s Superbooth, may not be the first clone of Roland’s drum machine that we’ve seen in recent memory, but its definitely the most faithful to the original’s design and aesthetic. Featuring 11 analog outputs, USB MIDI sync and a bus compressor, the RD-808 brings full 808 functionality into the hands of a new generation of producers.

Check out the video above, and stay tuned for more information about the RD-808’s release.

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