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The KLF Is Back: Here's What You Need To Know

Here’s why the KLF is gonna rock ya.

One of the biggest pieces of news to emerge from a fledgling 2017 is that the KLF will reform after 23 long years. The UK avant-garde pop pranksters made a name for themselves in the late-’80s and early-’90s with a series of big albums like “Chill Out” and “Who Killed The Jams?” (under their The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu moniker).

But just as central to the life of the band were their crazy situationist interventions that upset the music industry, art world and basic public etiquette alike. Whether it was due to burning a million quid in public, distributing rocket fuel to London’s homeless or founding “No Music Day”, the duo are definitely regarded as one of the most dynamic and divisive bands in recent memory.

Now, thanks to this extensive guide to the KLF, you can get clued in and brace yourself for whatever crazy stunts the duo has in store for us this year.

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(Via Dazed)