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This Holiday Season, Buy Your Dad The "Tech House" Sweatshirt He Never Knew He Wanted

Can't Decide is a boutique t-shirt maker

Hype music and subculture fashion company Can’t Decide have finally launched their web shop.

For the real heads, electronic music hardly starts and stops on weekends. It’s a life-time obsession where immersion in music styles bleeds into lifestyle. Now, there’s a chance to wear your allegiance to electronic music “on your sleeve” all day. Leipzig-based fashion brand and design company Can’t Decide have just launched their webshop.

Can’t Decide specialize in bringing the identities of different music genres and subcultures to life in the clothing you wear. Whether designing volunteer items for Nachtdigital or developing specialized merch for labels like Neoprimitive or 777 Recordings, Can’t Decide create items that let your music taste become part of your look. In their words, “whether you’re a fan of Gabber or Tech House, there will always be a product to help you express your genre tastes.”

So if you want to rock techno on your t-shirt or Italo disco on your sweater, you might want to head heregabber sweatshirt cant decide

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