Close Your Eyes When You Listen To Carla Dal Forno’s Immersive Dream-Pop Ballad, “No Trace”

Hear The

"No Trace" is the first track on 'Look Up Sharp', the London-based artist's forthcoming second LP.

We’re a website, and we depend on your attention to survive. With that being said, though, you could probably use a break from staring at screens all day. So why don’t you do yourself a solid, and click play on the SoundCloud player below. Now close your eyes.

That dreamy, ethereal and melancholic slice of pop music you just heard was by Carla Dal Forno, an Australian artist currently based in London. “No Trace” is the first single off Look Up Sharp, her forthcoming second full-length LP which will be released on October 4th via her own Kallista Records. Pre-order it here.

You should take more breaks like this throughout the day, it’ll make you feel better.