Circle Of Live: Sebastian Mullaert's Live Jam With Âme And Mathew Jonson

Circle Of Live: Sebastian Mullaert’s Live Jam With Âme And Mathew Jonson

The show at Funkhaus was synthesizer heaven.

Back in December, Swedish techno musician Sebastian Mullaert touched down in Berlin for a sublime night at Funkhaus. The Minilogue co-founder was in town for his Circle of Live performance series, which puts electronic improvisation front-and-center. Joining Mullaert was Âme, Ljudbilden & Piloten and Electronic Beats’ very own in-house synth guru Mathew Jonson.

Best of all, we were on site to capture the magic as it happened. In the above video, you can see footage from the set as well as hear Mullaert break down the ideas behind his Circle of Live series.

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