This Interactive Map Lets You Share Your Hazy Clubbing Memories With Other Ravers


ClubTogether is a new project by UK design studio Dorothy.

We love nightlife, but sometimes we wish it was somehow more permanent. All those ecstatic memories of the dance floor tend to disappear over time if not recorded in some way. Thankfully, a new project, called ClubTogether, aims to give music fans an outlet to record and share their experiences.

The project is being made by Dorothy, a design house that went viral in the dance music community last year by creating a map called Acid House Love Blueprint: A History Of Dance Music And Rave Culture. ClubTogether uses that map as its base. You can browse the its many nodes—artists, time periods and venues are all included—and then zoom in to share your story.

The website’s “Why?” page explains the concept: “We decided to create ClubTogether, which is essentially a place for people to share memories of clubs and club nights (past and present) to an interactive map which responds in realtime to the content submitted by the clubbing community.”

To use ClubTogether, click here.