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Watch The New Video For Colin Self’s Beautiful Meditation On Kinship, “Survival”

The new video, directed by Santiago Latorre and Colin Self, was released in anticipation of their performance at CTM Festival in Berlin this evening

Colin Self has released a brand new video for “Survival”, one of the stand-out tracks from his 2018 album Siblings. The video was directed by Self in collaboration with Santiago Latorre and coincides with As If We Were Kin, a special performance at this year’s CTM festival that will feature accompaniment by an eight-person choir and string ensemble.

In the video, Colin Self explores the themes that inform Siblings, such as questions of kinship, care and collectivity in an era of environmental disaster. You can learn more about those themes and the album in his recent interview with Telekom Electronic Beats contributor Michelle Lhooq.

Colin Self’s idiosyncratic take on opera is once again fully present. In the video, his fragile but resilient voice expresses frustration and defiance in the face of the world’s direction. In the process, he perfectly renders the complex philosophical stakes of the album as a whole. Watch it above. Listen to some of the album’s other singles below. And if you’re in Berlin, check here to learn more about his performance at HAU1 tonight.