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Could This Be The Tiniest Record Ever Made?

Behold this utterly tiny, “monstrously lo-fi and stupidly challenging to play” lathe cut record.

We’re don’t know about the drone music you listen to, but typically the genre requires the power of duration to have its desired effect. How a drone is expected to expand and unfold when it’s pressed to a 45rpm record with only a one-inch playable surface? We’re not exactly sure.

The record in question comes courtesy of experimental artist Zebra Mu. The one-inch lathe record is a split with GX Jupitter-Larsen on Quagga Curious Sounds and features a spoken word and an experimental drone cut. The lathe cut was made by Zebra Mu himself, which he described as  “possibly one of the smallest in the world.” It also comes with the following very DIY warning: “**PLEASE BE AWARE** Expect a handmade and extremely experimental lathe cut record (45 RPM), monstrously lo-fi and stupidly challenging to play…. EXCELLENT!”

We’re not sure this “sounds” good, but hey, at just one inch in length, at least the music will be over quickly if you don’t like it. Check more info out here and then see some more traditional vinyl love in this classic feature with DJs like Steffi, Marc Schneider and Finn Johannsen below.


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