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Watch A New Anime-Inspired Show That Combines Artificial Intelligence And Gabber


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The first episode of 'Culturesport' features the tech industry, hardcore music and a sprawling sci-fi universe.

If you’re like us, then you’re probably cued into the trend that’s bringing old-school styles like gabber, ’90s Goa and other retro genres back onto dance floors.

But this revival isn’t only happening in clubs.

A new anime TV show Culturesport—which was spearheaded by the artist John Michael Boling—takes you on a psychedelic journey into a retro-future dominated by artificial intelligence, rave culture and a near-constant paranoia surrounding the increasing stranglehold of megatech corporations on society.

The show’s first season is anticipated to span 10 episodes, one of which has already been uploaded to YouTube. Check it out above, then contribute to the show’s ongoing Kickstarter here to help the creators continue the series.