Throw It Back To This ’80s-Fueled Set Of Electro, Italo And Wave By David Vunk

This entire mix deserves a backspin.

In a world full of all-black-wearing, blank-staring and disinterested DJs, thank god for people like David Vunk.

Wildly animated behind the decks, clad in an ’80s string tank with a (permanent) crazy look in his eye, the Moustache Records head reminds us that every once in a while, it’s OK to smile on the dance floor.

Today we’re throwing it back to Vunk’s essential Boiler Room set from last year’s Dekmantel, where he slang a searing mix of EBM churners, sludgy synth jams and New Wave classics. One YouTube commenter accurately describes the vibe: “Cyberpunk 2077 complete soundtrack by Vunk”. We’re inclined to agree.

Check it out above, and if you happen to be in Berlin, you can catch Vunk at Italorama Bar at Berghain tonight.