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Discover 16 Artists And Labels Redefining Russian Techno

The scene is rich, distinctive and stylistically varied across its huge landscape.

Earlier this year, we published an introduction to 10 artists making the scene in Moscow—and beyond—so exciting, but there’s much more nuance and variation in the country’s rich electronic music community than the musicians that we mentioned. In fact, the scene is rife with sounds as diverse as noisy industrial, dark disco and crisp, urbane house.

Aside from the usual suspects, like Nina Kraviz, outsider artists like HMOT, Ishome and Interchain as well as the unique stylings of labels like Isiah Tapes, Mounty and Night Caller are irrevocably transforming the contemporary Russian landscape with gleeful rave-punk, identikit lo-fi and glitchy minimal. They all represent some of the many, many micro-scenes that are taking hold across the country and redefining its underground sound. Read about and listen to all of them here.

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