Discover Your Favorite DJs' Favorite B-Sides With Our Video Series

Discover Your Favorite DJs’ Favorite B-Sides With Our Video Series

Helena Hauff (pictured), Tama Sumo and many more cult selectors show off their best dance floor weapons hidden on the flip.

The best DJs in the world are not only blessed with impeccable mixing skills, but with an intuition for the beats that will get dancers’ feet moving with the narratives they spin. They’re also known for digging just that little bit deeper than your average DJ—and they know a good deep cut when they hear it. 

That’s why we decided to start our B-sides video series. The concept is simple: each DJ runs us through their five favorite tracks on the flip and discuss what makes them so special, be it because of their sentimental value or their tried-and-tested dance floor effect. The series features cult DJs from across electronic music’s many genres and styles—from Intergalactic Gary‘s electro and Italo expertise, to Marcel Fengler‘s tunnelling techno taste. In short, it’s the best way to discover great new music and appreciate the mad digging habits of your favorite selectors.

We’ve collected all 14 episodes so far in one handy playlist which you can watch in full above. That’s 70 bonafide B-side classics to listen to. Which would make your top five?