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You Can’t Stop Us From Naming A Genre Doggocore, We’re A Music Magazine


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We dub “House Party” by Von Bikräv the first official doggocore record.

In case you forgot that most of your favorite genres were named by music publications, here’s a wake up call.

That’s right, we’re coining “doggocore”.

If you need a concrete reason for doggocore’s existence, just watch the above video for “House Party (feat Krampf)” by Von Bikräv. A few seconds in, you may be thinking, “This is ridiculous.” But give it a few more, and you’ll be unable to separate the track’s overdriven kicks from the synchronized dogs biting their unsuspecting victims.

With their perfectly timed Hakken kicks and ‘ardcore attitude, we think these dogs are more than deserving of their own genre tag. But then again, it’s our choice, not yours.