These Videos Will Take You "Inside" Some Of Electronic Music's Best Gear Manufacturers

These Videos Will Take You “Inside” Some Of Electronic Music’s Best Gear Manufacturers

"Inside" is an series that tells you the stories behind some of the most-loved gear makers in electronic music.

We’ll be the first to admit it: when it comes to music gear, there are a lot of options. With what appears to be an increasing number of new VSTs, hardware synths and modular gear being introduced, the music equipment landscape can be dizzying and confusing, and navigating it seems to be a topic of constant debate.

To help you learn what makes some equipment stand out from the pack, created “Inside”, a series of in-depth videos that look behind the scenes of some of the most exciting companies working in music technology right now. Ease your gear-induced headaches, and flip through the entire series in the playlist above.