Go Inside Modular Gear Maker Erica Synths' Latvian HQ With Our Video On EB.tv – Telekom Electronic Beats

Go Inside Modular Gear Maker Erica Synths’ Latvian HQ With Our Video On EB.tv

The Latvian company making "synthesizers with passion."

The Latvian company making “synthesizers with passion.”

From their influence on production techniques to their usefulness in interior decorating, hardware and modular synths are creeping into our lives more and more. But if you’ve ever found yourself tangled in the metaphorical mess of patch cables that is the DIY synth world, Telekom Electronic Beats is here to help.

In our newest video feature, we get to know a standout of the DIY synth explosion: Latvia’s beloved Erica Synths, the team behind that Soviet-era-synth-inspired Eurorack module we told you about and standalone effects units like the Acidbox, which you can watch Stimming review for EB here.

Born humbly out of personal experiments and online research, Erica Synths has snowballed into a complex array of sound-mangling products, soon to be joined by guitar pedals and full, standalone synthesizers. Their DIY ethic doesn’t stop at hardware, either. For their newest project, Erica Synths Garage, the group has been live-streaming a series of performances from their facility to support the thriving electronic scene in Latvia. Scroll on to see performances by Marta SmiLga and Multilux.

These videos are a part of the ongoing “Inside” gear-focused series on our YouTube channel. Check below for other episodes featuring Vermona, u-he, Bastl and more! And be sure to check our YouTube every Tuesday for new videos.

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