Fat Freddy’s Drop Live In Berlin

Fat Freddy’s Drop Live In Berlin

We captured the magic at the sold-out show at Zitadelle.

10,000 enraptured music fans very rarely lie. In this case, they got it spot on: the recent Fat Freddy’s Drop show in Berlin was brilliant. The New Zealand troupe fuse dub, reggae, soul, jazz, R&B and electronic music to wondrous effect, lulling brains into a trance while keeping feet moving. Need proof? We were behind the scenes at Zitadelle to hear the band rip through numbers “Slings And Arrows”, “Razor”, “Cortina Motors” and even a new song called “Special Edition”.

Watch the episode in full, then scroll down to see another live video from our archive, which features techno band MEUTE. And don’t forget to tune into our YouTube channel every Tuesday for new videos!

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