FKA Twigs’ Latest Video Feels Like When You Leave The After Party At The Right Time

"home with you" is the UK pop artist's second single from her new album, 'Magdalene', which will be released on October 25.

These new FKA Twigs videos are getting intense.

In the video for her new single, “home with you”, the London-based experimental pop artist takes us into a distorted narrative of fractured vignettes. While the music jumps from blasts of distortion and twisted beats to dramatic vocal swells and piano arrangements, the imagery cuts between narcotic club visions—full of twisting bodies, patent leather and metallic makeup—and suburban scenes set in a forest, where characters wear traditional white cotton and lace dresses.

Instantly captivating—and with a bit of Midsommar-style anxiety weaved in throughout—”home with you” is more than enough to get us excited for the release of FKA Twigs’ new album, Magdalene, on October 25.