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Hear The Sound Of Los Angeles' Happy Hardcore Rave Underground With This Mix By Flapjack

Flapjack The Kandi Kid by Elizabeth Claire Herring

The DJ's newest mix is a candy-coated collage of hardcore beats and '90s rave styles.

If you don’t know Flapjack the kandi kid, you need to get acquainted.

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The “Los Angeles-based oldskool harcore deejay” embodies an older (yet arguably much more expressive) idea of a raver, complete with JNCO jeans, kandi bracelets and virtuosic scratching skills. His lightning-speed mixes, like the one above recorded at Tunnel Vision, are cartoonish, mind-bending collages of genres like happy hardcore, breakbeat and gabber that prove, at least in LA, that hardcore will never die.

Listen to the mix above.