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Go Inside Tokyo’s ‘90s Techno Scene With This Video About A Club Called “Maniac Love”


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Inside the famous basement known as the "Headquarters of Tokyo Techno".

When you think of ’90s techno clubs, a few vital sites immediately spring to mind: Tresor, Omen, House of God…the list could go on and on. Soon enough, you would eventually fall on Maniac Love—the intimate but  intense ’90s Tokyo club that developed hand-in-hand with Japan’s techno scene. (Read our definitive guide to 15 of the most essential Japanese techno releases of all time).

Maniac Love was founded in 1993. For 12 years, it played host to some of the finest international DJs on the circuit. Everyone from Jeff Mills to the Chemical Brothers graced that infamous concrete basement. Maniac Love had such a good reputation that artists would often impulsively turn up at the club to play during personal trips to Japan despite being able to sell out much larger clubs. It also wasn’t only a place to play but also the site where many Japanese DJs were exposed to techno—a vital point of departure on their own personal journeys through sound.

On the eve of the club’s 25th anniversary, the club’s overwhelming success and importance to techno has been commemorated in the form of a new documentary. Featuring footage from inside the club while DJs like Jeff Mills, DJ Wada and DJ Shufflemaster throw down, it’s a must watch for anyone who wants to learn more about techno’s ’90s moment. Check it out in full above.

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