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Gone But Not Forgotten: This Map Redraws Germany By Its Legendary Clubs

Navigate your way through almost four decades of legendary clubbing culture.

Germany is spoiled when it comes to modern day clubbing. Whether it’s Galerie Kurzweil in DarmstadtInstitut für Zukunft in Leipzig or Blitz in Munich, a new generation of clubs are breathing life into dance floors thanks to daring new ideas and cutting edge sonic design.

All of these spaces, however, are built on 40 years of rich clubbing history in the country. And while the physical dance floors of famous German institutions like Frankfurt’s Dorian Gray and Hamburg’s Front may have vanished, their legacies live on in the anecdotes and legendary anthems that would sweep ravers into the madness week in and week out. Belgian new beat morphed into techno and hardcore in the ’90s, chill-out rooms rose and ebbed in popularity and dance floors and DJ lineups became more international. Each city crafted its signature sound while clubs became musical micro-worlds unto themselves.

Over the last year, Electronic Beats has been furiously trying to gather the stories of the clubs that shaped German music culture, so we were excited to see that the German newspaper Die Zeit put more of the pieces together. They’ve designed this helpful “Technoclub Map” that redraws Germany based on the clubs that made those cities tick. Take a look at the map below and read more about all of the original clubs here.

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