Enter A Hellish Rave Dimension With This Video For HDMIRROR’s Latest Hardcore Anthem

"Looks Like Rain" is a single off the South African artist's latest album 'Art Of Destruction'

At the end of our conversation with HDMIRROR last year, the avant-garde trance and hardcore producer told us that he was working on a new kind of music.

“I think people forgot what newness in music actually is…I believe it’s possible to make something fresh, and everyone’s behaving as if you can’t.”

Strong words, and yet his latest album Art Of Destruction, released in June, managed to provide our ears with a taste of something that we hadn’t quite heard before: A novel musical direction that, while stemming from earlier developments in harder and headier strains of electronic dance music, also feels utterly contemporary.

That aesthetic sensibility is on full display in the video for “LOOKS LIKE RAIN”, which sounds (and looks) something like if SUNN O))) made a drone metal Dutch hardcore album.