Hear 10 Sizzling “Motor Bass” Tracks Handpicked By TEB Clubnight Headliner Textasy

“When the bassline sounds like a demon’s tongue licking chrome, you can bet that track is gonna be a sizzler.”

This Friday, the next round of Electronic Beats Clubnights kicks off with a bang with a 777 Recordings showcase in the perfect club surroundings of Mobilat at Heilbronn. The Berlin-based label run by the inimitable Ron Wilson has a very good habit of releasing some of the finest techno, electro and harder-edged house over the last couple of years. The label’s catalog of bombastic,  bruising tunes have been crafted for the most intense club use only.

One of the greatest purveyors of this production style is Textasy. The Dallas native, born Dustin Evans, has made a name for himself over the past couple of years with a string of nasty ghetto house and electro tracks that are as crushing as they are absurd. The Texan’s humour also never hovers too far away from the surface of his tracks and mixes. Want proof? We got Evans to put together a list of his favorite hard-hitting bass tracks, and over the course of its creation, he seemed to created a new genre: Motor Bass. Here’s what he had to say:

“I like to call these kinds of tracks motor bass”, Evans, explains. “When the bassline sounds like a demon’s tongue licking chrome , you can bet that track is gonna be a sizzler.” We couldn’t agree more. Listen to all 10 tracks above and below, then RSVP to the clubnight here. You can also win tickets to the event by leaving a comment under this Facebook post.

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