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Hear 3 Brutal Mixes By Kilbourne, The Artist Who Made That Gabber Soundtrack For 'Blade'

Hear Kilbourne Blend Industrial And Hardcore In This Cathartic New Mix For Toxic Radio

Brace yourself for an onslaught.

Gabber seems to be breathing new life into stiffened music scenes wherever it goes right now. One of the leading figures in its revival is Kilbourne, who, in recent months, has been busy presenting a re-scored gabber and ambient soundtrack to the classic ’90s film Blade. 

Somehow, the producer has also found time to churn out three insane mixes for Toxic Sickness. The Toxic Ladies Show is now in its third edition, and predictably, Kilbourne keeps things unrelenting from start to finish, brandishing shattered beats and razor sharp synth lines with maniacal glee.

Listen to all three mixes in full below.

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Photo by Lydo Le

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