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Hear A Disco-Fueled B-Side Off Gorillaz’s New Album, ‘Humanz’

2D takes center stage on a new psychedelic pop number from the band. 

After the release of Humanz, you might expect the Gorillaz camp to be quiet. Thankfully, that’s not the case. 2D, the group’s singer, has just unveiled a new song with a new video, the psychedelic and disco-tinged “Sleeping Powder”. Though the album was noted for its collaborations, this time around 2D is alone at the mic in solo guise. Featuring some twisted harpsichord cadences and dreamy vocals, the track is definitely one for Damon Albarn fans.

“Sleeping Powder” is the first track since the release of Humanz earlier this year. It proves that Albarn wasn’t kidding when he said that there are still more than 40 songs that didn’t make it on the record. You can hear the track, and its typically twisted animated video below.

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