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Hear Ryuichi Sakamoto's Beautiful Remake Of A New Oneohtrix Point Never Track

oneohtrix point never. photos by atiba jefferson

The minimalist remix will feature on Daniel Lopatin’s new EP, Love In The Time Of Lexapro, out via Warp.

On Friday November 23, contemporary electronic composer Oneohtrix Point Never will release a follow-up EP to his celebrated 2018 record Age Of.

Love In the Time Of Lexapro continues Lopatin’s recent interest in fusing pop, new age, IDM and ambient music into utterly contemporary musical forms. Alongside new tracks, the EP will feature a Ryuichi Sakamoto remake of “Last Known Image Of A Song”, a track which first appeared on the album from earlier this year.

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The veteran Japanese experimental musician has preserved the nexus of organic instrumentation and glitchy, digital detritus of the original. In true Sakomoto style, the track is soft and mournful yet intricately detailed and deceptively complex in its arrangement. It is definitely a fitting collaboration between two of the most exciting, genre-defying musicians working today. Listen to the track in full above.

Photo by Atiba Jefferson

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