Holly Herndon, Paula Temple And Sunn O))) Will Play Unsound Krakow This Year

Need More Halloween? This Brutally Dark Techno Mix By Paula Temple Will Actually Scare You

Passes will be on sale from Monday June 3.

Acclaimed genre-defying festival Unsound has announced the first round of names set to perform at its hallmark Kraków event for 2019.

Avant-pop mastermind Holly Herndon, industrial-techno powerhouse Paula Temple, Detroit techno pioneer Population One and local star VTSS are among a stacked list of names set to play at the annual week long event.

A series of eye-catching world premieres are also scheduled for the event. The Caretaker will collaborate with Weirdcore on a new work, while Emptyset will present Blossoms, Moor Mother will debut The Great Bailout with the London Contemporary Orchestra and Polish neo-gabber crew Wixapol—who have introduced Electronic Beats to their manic musical universe in a recent track guide to the party—will shake things up with Prześniona Rejwolucja / Draemt-thru Raveolutoin

This is all alongside new works from local heroes Olivia & Chino and Australian improv maestros The Necks.

The event will run between October 6 and 13 and will exist under the guiding theme of Solidarity. It was chosen in order to “consider how we might exist at a time when optimism itself can feel like an act of resistance, when history has not ended as Francis Fukuyama predicted, but assails us in a disorienting present through a 24-hour news cycle and the relentless churn of social media.”

Passes will be on sale from Monday June 3.

To the full list of names included in the first announcement, head to the Unsound Krakow website. Read an interview with Unsound co-founder Mat Schulz about the history of the festival here.