Hong Kong's '80s Disco Scene Was Off The Hook, And These Videos Prove It

Hong Kong’s ’80s Disco Scene Was Off The Hook, And These Videos Prove It

Take us back.

If you’re a disco lover, you’re probably all over the DJs and records that made Italo-disco’s ’80s heyday. And thanks to various guides—like ours on Bulgarian cosmic disco and Japanese city pop—you’re probably now aware of the criminally-underrated disco experiments that took place in the ’80s in other areas of the world.

So here’s a new one for you: did you know that Hong Kong had a thriving, insanely inventive disco scene?

Let the playlist above take you on a journey to a vintage, excessively funky ’80s Honk Kong. At the top, you’ll find a video of Roman Tam performing his Cantopop classic “Laser” in a suitably fluorescent club. Moving through the playlist, you’ll find gems like Alan Tam Wing Lun’s disco cover of the Kinks and Prudence Liew’s “Subtropical Boy”. And while many of the videos have been (frustratingly) removed, the ones that remain are an absolutely incredible window into yet another pocket of exquisite regional disco.

Watch the full playlist above.