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Important Security Info For Fans Attending Gorillaz's Album Showcases

Telekom Electronic Beats is presenting a series of Gorillaz album showcase performances.

As we previous reported, Telekom Electronic Beats and Gorillaz have partnered up. Gorillaz will perform Humanz live in Warsaw on June 14, in Budapest on June 16, in Katowice on June 18 and in Cologne on June 20. Earlier this month, we raffled off tickets to the shows. Even if you didn’t win, you can still watch the Cologne showcase in 360-degree video here.  If you won and plan to attend, please scroll on for important security information:

For your safety, there are increased security measures at our shows in Warsaw, Budapest, Katowice and Cologne.

A prohibition of larger bags, handbags, backpacks is necessary for prevention reasons. All concert-goers are kindly requested to refrain from bringing objects of any kind that are not absolutely necessary. This is in the interest of all concert-goers, in order to support and accelerate the security control at the venue entrance.

In case of any potential threat, it is important to extend this protection to all visitors, artists and working staff. Joint efforts and increased vigilance are indispensable and appreciated.

All concert-goers are therefore kindly asked for increased attention and vigilance. In case of suspicious activity, visitors should immediately contact the security personnel on site and/or inform the police.

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