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These Fascinating Videos Will Take You Inside Italy’s Abandoned Discotheques

Explore the graveyards of some of Italy’s most legendary clubs.

What happens when nightclubs die? Club owners are usually celebrated for revitalizing deserted or disused spaces, but what about when the clubs themselves stop functioning? Do the abandoned power plants, nuclear bunkers, or even batman-themed fortresses that have housed some of the best and weirdest parties get turned into new projects or interactive spaces?

In Italy at least, some of the country’s most historic clubs seem to have been the last form of life inhabiting many beautiful and weird locations. The legendary discotheque Cosmic where Daniele Baldelli used to set dance floors alight now stands as a giant memorial to the music and revellers who once occupied the area. Other clubs like Garden, Excalibur and Energy have also experienced the same fate.

But music’s loss has been urban explorations gain. Many of these sites have become popular locations for people to explore. YouTubers climb over rubbled dance floors and fenced-off locations to relive the former glory of these clubs. We collected some of the best footage of such escapades on YouTube, including shots of Cosmic, Garden and many more. Check them all out below and get ready for your imagination and nostalgia to start racing.

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