Watch The Ravey Video For Krampf's New Neo-Gabber Anthem "LSD XTC (Do We Really Need)" – Telekom Electronic Beats

Watch The Ravey Video For Krampf’s New Neo-Gabber Anthem “LSD XTC (Do We Really Need)”

The track is off 'What Is A DJ If He Can't Care', the French producer's first EP for Berlin collective Live From Earth's LFE-Klub imprint.

There’s more to Berlin’s Live From Earth collective than just German cloud rap sensation Yung Hurn. As we detailed in our beginner’s guide to the crew, its Live From Earth Klub imprint has also released some pretty excellent club music.

The latest figure to join their genre-bending roster is Krampf. On his new EP, What Is A DJ If He Can’t Care, the Parisian producer has channeled the classic sound of Rotterdam gabber and hardcore to massive effect. “LSD XTC” is a snarling gabber stepper, propelled by overdriven kicks, whiplash noise and an irreverent technoid vocal loop that will worm deep into your frontal lobe.

Check out the track’s video above and then check out the whole EP below.