Learn About Mark Verbos' Approach To Modular Synthesizers With This In-Depth Video

Learn About Mark Verbos’ Approach To Modular Synthesizers With This In-Depth Video

The musician and designer shows off the startling power of his trademark modular synth. 

If you’re a modular synth geek, you’ll no doubt already know the name Mark Verbos. Thanks to the company Verbos Electronics, his name has become synonymous with the modular synthesis’ surge in popularity—defining both the creativity and independent approach to electronic instrument design.

But if you’re only now looking to get into modular synthesis, you might be wondering what exactly sets Verbos’ modular system apart. To answer this question, we suggest you check out the video above. Recorded at the Funkhaus as part of the RBMA20 festival in Berlin, the video features Mark with his system explaining how each individual module functions. Starting with the celebrated harmonic oscillator before moving through his versatile sequencer and filter processor, it’s the perfect insight into the philosophy at the heart of Verbos’ work and the power and agility of the instruments he has designed.

To find out more about the Verbos story and how these beautiful instruments are made, be sure to watch our “Inside” feature with Verbos from July below.

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