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Learn How To Make Evil “Dungeon Synth” Music From This Kinda...Weird Reddit Thread


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Really take your synths underground.

Bored of techno? It might just be a phase, but if you’re looking for a more gloomy and dark outlet for your creativity, “Dungeon Synth” music might be your best bet.

The dark ambient subgenre takes the elegiac atmospheres from black and doom metal and channels them into a form of ambient music that is both dirgey and mystical in equal measures. It’s the perfect soundtrack for RPG gaming or fog-coated forest walks.

If you want to try your hand at making this under-appreciated subgenre, your best bet might be this Reddit thread, where user “LethargicCatharsis” and others discuss the best synths to make this idiosyncratic music. While you read, listen to a four-hour mixtape of old-school dungeon synth above to get in the zone.

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