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Listen To A Live Back-To-Back Mix Featuring Ricardo Villalobos And Amir Javasoul

Ricardo Villalobos

The classic mix comes from a set recorded last year at Stereo in Montreal.

Need something to listen to right now? We suggest you pause whatever you’re doing to throw on this relatively recent mix featuring a back-to-back set by Ricardo Villalobos and Amir Javasoul.

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Recorded live at a party in Montreal, it has an energy and improvisational quality that you don’t normally get in a prepackaged mix (though we still listen to In The Mix: Taka Taka to this day). There are also a few classics slipped in—listen closely to hear “808 The Bassqueen” and—our personal favorite Villalobos cut—”Dexter”. The mix was uploaded by Romania-focused electronic dance music site, Playedby.


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