Listen To This Massive Archive Of ‘80s And ‘90s Rave Mixtapes

Listen To This Massive Archive Of ‘80s And ‘90s Rave Mixtapes

Featuring uncompromising club fire from the likes of Grooverider, Pete Tong and Derrick May.

Looking for that little bit of extra intensity in your club music? Then it’s hard to beat the magic of the late-’80s, early-’90s rave boom—a time when the tempos were faster, breakbeats were treated as a science and not a trend, and energy levels were always in the red.

Fortunately, a YouTube account by the name of “oldskoolpaul” is providing diggers a chance to revisit that incredible era. The account offers up a massive archive of old school mixtapes, DJ and live set recordings and classic tracks that kept raves, open airs and clubs moving at the time.

Featuring some of the best drum n’ bass, jungle and acid house mixes you can find on the internet, it’s the perfect place to not only discover some new diamonds for your collection but also get a sense of the sound and vibe of that unique moment in club culture.

Listen to a playlist of the archive’s videos embedded above.

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