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Listen To A New Mix Of Obscure '80s Post-Punk And Synth Music From Russia And Estonia

The Russian post-punk band Kino is featured in the mix.

(The mix also has some contemporary sounds thrown in for good measure.)

There was a lot of post-punk, industrial and wave music released in the countries that comprised the former Eastern Bloc. We’ve covered our fair share of music from this time and place over the past few years. And now we have a new offering in the form of the latest episode of TEB deputy editor Chloé Lula’s ongoing No Exit show on Berlin’s Cashmere Radio.

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This month’s edition is an exploration of post-punk and wave currents from ’80s Russia and Estonia (like music by the Russian group Kino, pictured above) with a few contemporary—and non-Russian—gems thrown in for good measure. Give it a listen, and be sure to explore prior episodes on her SoundCloud page. The first three episodes of No Exit can also be found on her Mixcloud here.

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