Listen To The Obscure Electro That Kept Soviet Russia Fit

Soviet Russia used to pump iron to surprisingly bangin’ dance music.

If you’ve been searching for a reason to kick start your new fitness regime, look no further than this blast from the Soviet past.  Back in 1984, a group of Soviet musicians influenced by funk, disco and electronic music manage to evade the censors by disguising a slick electro record as an instructional aerobics album.

Aerobic Exercises was the result. It was released on the Russian national record label Melodiya, and remarkably, was actually certified by the USSR Sports Committee. While the unique brand of Soviet electro makes loose gestures to motivational work-out instructions, the album fits far more into the oeuvre of the Italo-disco club culture of the era than anything else.  Unsurprisingly, it was a massive hit in its homeland and spawned a whole Sport and Music record series.

So ditch the idea of going to your local gym where you’ll no doubt be driven mad by mindless EDM, and get yourself locked to the unbelievable sounds of Soviet gymnastics electro from over three-decades ago. Listen to tracks from Aerobic Exercises below.

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